Life after GNU

EDITOR – It’s not every day you hear people say things are falling apart. In Zimbabwe the phrase has become a household anthem. Nine months after the GNU, things are turning bad for most of us.

Living expenses are getting high, bills such as electricity, water and phone have been going on unpaid for months as wages and salaries haven’t been paid in time or haven’t been paid at all.

For a family of five to have a proper meal per day, they will require $5 – $10. To commute between Glenview 8 and Eastlea surburb one will need $4 for a return journey per day – thus $20 per week and $80 per month. Given such figure it has become almost impossible for workers to afford commuting on a daily basis – hence most of female working class have resorted to prostitution to subsidize their income, hence the increase in STIs and HIV/AIDS.

As I write most the streets in Harare CBD are filled with homeless kids as their families have been wiped out by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

All the efforts made by the GNU government have been lost as Zanu (PF) has returned the country to their old ways of plunder. The little gains of GNU have started to disappear as the international community cannot trust Mugabe or his lieutenants.

If Mugabe stays another term, Zimbabwe will become a ghost country as most of the towns and cities are now a shadow of their past. Cities like Kadoma and Kwekwe have been suffocated and are now in intensive care as their infrastructure has deteriorated. – Ephraim Chinana, London

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