Mugabe unfit to govern

EDITOR -As age is catching up with him, it seems Mugabe has lost the mojo to govern Zimbabwe. Civil servants have been missing their pay date by some days every month since January, it won't be a surprise that one day they will not get paid. The situation is now a ticking time bomb. Local councils have been abusing funds marked for water sanitation resuscitation - with Harare council being on the forefront of abusing over 2 million dollars marked for maintenance of Morton Jeffrey water work

All this has been happening under the old tired Mugabe. It seems as though Zimbabwe and Zanu (PF) are going through a leadership crisis. Last week police commissioner Augustine Chihuri collapsed at the pass-out parade, which also serves as a pointer that a leadership crisis is looming within Zanu (PF). Most of Mugabe's lieutenants are no longer fit for office. Most of Mugabe's time is now spent in Asia attending to his health while the affairs of the country are left to corrupt lieutenants.

A good example is vice president, Joice Mujuru who now owns shares in every surviving company in the country – from funeral parlors to food chains like Inscor. Most party big wigs have amassed riches overnight. In a nutshell one can conclude that, the fact that Mugabe has become unfit to govern, this has opened up for a new generation of thieves within Zanu (PF). – EPHRAIM CHINANA, London

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