Mutasa insults Moyo the crocodile

Editor - When former USA President Lyndon B. Johnson was asked why he had kept a known critic of his administration he replied that it was "better to have them inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in."

Didymus Mutasa
Didymus Mutasa

Mugabe brought Jonathan Moyo back into cabinet not just to reward him for helping him mastermind the plan to rig the elections but more significantly to keep him "inside the tent pissing out"! Sadly for Mugabe Moyo has turned out to be more than a "pissing" opponent but one who is "destroying the party from within", as Mugabe himself now admits.

According to a New Zimbabwe report Moyo and Mugabe met on Monday night behind closed doors and “ironed out their differences”.

“The meeting was held behind closed doors on Monday evening. By the end of it the two men had found each other. On Tuesday the minister attended Cabinet and it’s now business as usual,” said the Zanu PF official who asked not to be named.

Mugabe had been furious with Moyo for days and he known for being ruthless with all those who dare cross swords with him. And yet, here we are Moyo walks straight into the fire breathing dragon’s den and walks out unscotched and unscathed!

So why has Mugabe not fired Moyo, many would ask? The truth is he cannot. Moyo knows a lot of details about how Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections, for example. Mugabe is smart enough to know that if he was to fire or kill Moyo all the dirty details of his past will be out for the whole world to see within hours!

The bullet to kill Moyo, may even miss, will ricochet to kill Mugabe and many, many others instead!

Mugabe called Moyo the "devil incarnate" but he wanted him on his side precisely because of his devilish scheming skills which has kept the tyrant in power longer than even he did not think possible. “He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon,” so goes the proverb. It seems Mugabe supped with the “devil incarnate” but failed to keep his distance!

Mugabe knows Professor Moyo is “a weevil”, “the devil incarnate” “destroying Zanu PF from within” and yet he still cannot fire him because the Professor got close to Mugabe so close he has the tyrant by the balls. The cunning Professor is the boss calling the shots and for once Mugabe is doing as he is told!

Poor Didymus Mutasa he had spent the week ferreting for the gamatox jar confident Mugabe would give him the nod to apply it generously on the “weevil” Moyo. He must have been totally confused when Moyo attended the cabinet meeting as if nothing had happened between him and Mugabe. And Mutasa had to sheepishly put his gamatox jar away!

Of course Professor Jonathan Moyo, the never-forget and never- forgive “devil incarnate” that he is, will have the last laugh on the gamatox gibe! Minister Mutasa must be worried sick and so he should be because he knows he will be served a devilish gamatox dish which he will have no choice but eat.

If you are going to insult the crocodile then do so after, AFTER, you have crossed the river not before. Minister Mutasa not only insulted the crocodile but even threw stones at it just to infuriate the monster only to then did he realise that he has to wade across with water up to his chin and he cannot even swim! – Wilbert Mukori

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