Unbiased news

It is also very strange that Mugabe openly says he expects Zimpapers to push party agenda. The president’s expectations of the Zimpapers group are at odds with the expectations of the paying public who demand unbiased news.

Unbiased news
Unbiased news

On a different day, Mugabe may very well deny that Zimpapers produce biased news reports. In fact, when Sadc recommended media reforms as a prerequisite for elections, such suggestions were laughed off by Zanu (PF).

If Jonathan Moyo is guilty of sowing seeds of disunity, Mugabe has watered and fertilised the crop, firstly by clinging to power long after his sell-by date and secondly by not grooming a successor. He uses factionalism in his party as the perfect excuse to remain in power.

Mugabe has enough university certificates to wallpaper Grace’s newly built Mazowe palace. It is therefore shocking that the erudite President took so long to see Moyo for the political chameleon who is widely believed to have once said ‘the best way to destroy Zanu (PF) is from within.’ The nation’s eyebrows arched when Mugabe welcomed Moyo back into the bosom of the party.

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