Wanted: an interim govt

EDITOR – I would give Tendai Biti 100% for his insightful statement: “Problems are never resolved by the same mind-set that created them. It doesn’t happen. We need to come up with a government to address the current deficit of leadership. It can’t be a government of national unity, but a technical government.”

Tendai Biti
Tendai Biti

But he deserves a zero for failing to see that he is now a big part of that mind-set that have landed the nation in this mess!

Of course Mugabe and Zanu (PF) would rig the elections again because it was Biti and his MDC friends who created this problem by failing to implement the democratic reforms. In any case after four or five years of an unelected technocratic government the country will still come back to holding elections which Zanu (PF) will still be in a position to rig!

The solution is for Mugabe and his regime to step aside because nothing can ever be achieve with him in power. Besides he rigged the elections and therefore has no legitimate ground to be in government. An interim administration should be appointed whose main task is to implement the democratic reforms and prepare for fresh democratic elections. With political will the task can be completed in six months, a year at most.

Tsvangirai, Biti and the rest of the MDC leaders should have no role in the interim administration They would only give excuses why they failed to do this work during the GNU.

Only an elected government will have the legitimacy to implement the far reaching political and economic changes the country needs to get out of this political mess. An unelected government will not have that authority.

Greece and Italy’s problem was the lack of government with the political will to implement the economic reforms most people agreed were necessary. The solution is for Mugabe and his regime to step aside because nothing can ever be achieved with him in power.

To get the nation’s agricultural sector back into full production again, for example, Mugabe and his cronies will have to be kicked off the farms.

That should be left to an elected government with a mandate to do this and not a group of technocrats! – Wilbert Mukori, UK

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