Would you vote for Jonathan Moyo as president?

Unless this Jonathan, whatever you wanna call him, is imposed on us he can’t be our President considering what we all know about this man. - Thomas Mamire

Brian Chiweshe
Brian Chiweshe

No, not Jonathan. I wl die first. – Brian Chiweshe

Forget, u never be my president. – Gibson Manwa

A very BIG NO Jonzo. – Andrew Chagumaira

He is daydreaming!! – Tendayi Muchineripi

No, Tsvangirai yes. – Joseph Macheke

I don’t support and trust Jonathan Moyo, but I’ll always support his initiative in dismantling the wicked Zanu (PF) regime from inside…however, I would rather tip Morgan for presidency, not this jonny come lately. – Gain Sibanda

Ikozvino ndakazobiwa necampany inobhadhara ndokundipa office yepamusoro pandinenge ndichiona nongonya dzevarungu, ndokupiwazve mukadzi wechirungu ndikati eeee kwete ndinoda wechivanhu……. – Rachel Ncube

I knew that Jonathan is up to something when he mended his relationship with the private media so as to portray himself as a gud saint super minister. No to Jonathan Moyo, never. Tsvangirai is the solution here. – Joel Mutasa

Brains behind POSA & AIPPA, those famous jingles on ZBC TV and radio neTsholotsho declaration????????? Wotoshaya zvombofamba seyi. – Jabinos Zingori

Yes Why not? Who qualifies to rule Zimbabwe? Ans: Any Zimbabwean. – @EmmanuelNdlovu4

He’s a traitor and none loves him even within Zanu (PF), save for the president. – @lykmoor

President seem to keep some pple as regional or tribal balancing figures. J Moyo 4 Mat South. – @Mavhure

Strive Masiyiwa perhaps. But he won’t go for it. Unless the President and Moyo and others invite him. – @KozlovAndy

I would consider it. For years I have been saying post Mugabe Jona might be very different to a Mugabe era Jona. – @ConorMWalsh

Moyo z daydreaming, if the old man fail to relinguish power 2 a Karanga, wt more 2 the Ndebele guy, shame, shame, shame !! – Danweath Gwanya

The few projects Jonathan Moyo managed ended up collapsing in controversy. Not good for President. – @Mavhure

I’ll be honest- I cannot think of any Zanu (PF) Ministers who do much better than him. Maybe I am wrong. – @ConorMWalsh

Chinotimba for Prez. – @glentd

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