Would you vote for Mnangagwa as President or do you agree that he is “just a former bodyguard”?

Whatever the party gave us we will appreciate and comply with the rules,if of matebeland doesn't like him they should face and dance the tune. - Allen Madziva

Sermina Ndlovu
Sermina Ndlovu

Never ever. Nadir ! – Joel Mutasa

wena allen udakiwe. mina ngithi JONATHAN for president. ngenkani. – Mandlag Mbho

I think people vote for a party than the person being voted ,if he is voted to become the president of the party he knows what to do . Midlands matebeleland new graves will be dug – Stanelas Dube

Mnangagwa is worse than Uncle Bob. – Viola Nemadziba

Mnangagwa for President !! Big Crocodile in the house . – inashe Vafana

Big yes. – Clarah Murasi Shoko

yes is better than amai – @steinkumbi

Big noooo we want new fashion not old.they a so many hot blooded in our Zanu FP plz plz – Sermina Ndlovu

Big no! He's very old to come up with young ideas. And he's behind the downfall of Zimbabwe. – Gain Sibanda

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