“Zanu (PF) monopolises relations with Nkomo family”

The Zimbabwe African People’s Union (Zapu) has accused Zanu (PF) of monopolising events relating to the late former Vice President of Zimbabwe, Joshua Nkomo.

Zapu leader, Dumiso Dabengwa.
Zapu leader, Dumiso Dabengwa.

Last Saturday Zanu (PF) top officials including party national chairperson, Simon Khaya Moyo, graced a fundraising dinner for the Joshua Nkomo Museum in Bulawayo but did not extend invitations to the late ‘Father Zimbabwe”’s closest allies such as Zapu leader, Dumiso Dabengwa.

The event was part of efforts by the Joshua Mqabuko Foundation to raise funds for the museum.

“I only learnt of the dinner after it ended…despite being one of the closest friends to the late Nkomo,” said Dabengwa, who accused Zanu (PF) of behaving as if it owned Nkomo.

Dabengwa, then known as the “Black Russian”, was the head of intelligence in old Zapu that Nkomo led and is considered one of the closest allies of the late nationalist leader.

Dabengwa said it would have been proper for organisers of the event to honour the late liberation leader by at least inviting people who were closest to him.

Mjobisa Noko, Zapu spokesperson, said there were people closer to the late Nkomo than those in the present Zanu (PF) and they should be given the opportunity to grace functions furthering Father Zimbabwe’s ideals.

“Zanu (PF) should come clean and resolve burning issues with the Nkomo family instead of grandstanding. For the record, the Zanu (PF) government remained reluctant to declare July 1 as a public holiday in honour of the legacy left by Nkomo,” said Noko.

Efforts to get comment from Khaya Moyo and Zanu (PF) spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, were fruitless.

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