Are you going to take Khaya Moyo’s advice to save your earnings?

Any number multiplied by zero is zero. You can't save anything from nothing. - Joyce Mufunda

Careless ambassador the least qualified to say tht còz he's part of the looting Zanu team whilst the rest of us àr scavenging. – Joel Mutasa

Joel Mutasa
Joel Mutasa

What earnings? How much per month? Enough to buy soup only. – @Mukoma9

out of touch big guns. We r begging fo a job, they r encouraging savings. No job= earnings=no saving. – @fungayim

I don't take advice on how to save earnings from ZANU more like advice from a dropout on how to pass an exam. it's not being out of touch that's what u get when u vote incompetent people. 1/2 elections have consequences any in zim we don't need them becoz they r rigged . – @garweh2011

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