Baba Jukwa alive and well

As the state continues with its desperate attempts to unravel the mystery behind faceless Facebook character Baba Jukwa, the “rogue agent” is back in full swing.

The current profile pic on Baba Jukwa’s wall.
The current profile pic on Baba Jukwa’s wall.

On the Facebook page last week, Baba Jukwa vowed to continue exposing the ills done by the ruling party till “Jesus comes.” He said he would only reveal himself after President Robert Mugabe dies.

“Diesel ku Chinhoyi, some people are extremely stupid, hence our country is more of a used pamper. The mighty ‘Baba Jukwa’ will post until Jesus comes back,” wrote the mystery blogger on July 17, apparently laughing off the state’s failure to expose him, despite all the recent claims that he had been unmasked.

After he went into lull for slightly more than a week following the arrest of Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi and his brother Philip on accusations they were among those administering the page, Baba Jukwa came back on July 8, spitting venom. Ironically, that was a few hours after the younger Kudzayi was released on bail.

“Good day Zimbabwe, today we are announcing a re-united untouchable and more organised Jukwa family,” wrote the blogger on his page, as he continued to take a dig at the way Zanu (PF) rolled out employment opportunities to those in its inner circles.

“We will never be defeated by evil criminals. Forward with our renewal from within, forward with our Musorobhangu Prof Jonso Jonathan Moyo,” he wrote. “Continue to like our page, Jonathan Moyo for president, 2018. Forward with our 263preez team, this gives power to young people. It’s proven it can be done and all those young people out there with skills should seek consultancy opportunities from the state, the army, intelligence and police.

“Then you work from within, continue misleading them to your direction and make a fortune out of these useless state organs. If a person without a journalism background can be appointed an editor by the state, then everyone has a chance. Let’s open our eyes wide open and think out of the box and operate from within. Just convince them in your skills and lie more then you in.”

He also laughed at Zanu (PF)’s failure to unmask him. “It’s really sad how a group of 200 people can spend time trying to fight a losing battle. Jukwa family comes from a long journey and will never be exposed or known. Wait for the right time and you will know us. The day President Mugabe dies the Jukwas will address you Zimbabwe together with our known victimised son, Kudzayi Edmund,” added Jukwa.

“We need a different government from this 1980 cabinet of old thugs failing us. Which minister do you want to call in Zimbabwe so I give you the cell numbers? It’s game on again as I said that we are now a formidable re-united family and from today onwards, name your political leader whom you want to talk to directly and you get the cell number and email address. The Jukwas are back, reinforced and for good.” The page, whose readership had declined from 500,000 just before last year’s elections to 400,000 recently, has accumulated 9,000 more likes in the past few weeks.


Every post on the Baba Jukwa Facebook page gets more than 240 comments. Some have close to 500 comments and many shares. Some recent comments include:

Shelton Tapiwa Chiyangwa: Thanks baba jukwa. pple are even afraid to express themselves here because apparently the police have launched a manhunt for pple who post anything on Mugabe … Go ahead baba jukwa until Mugabe goes!!!!!

Knowxy Mabongedlile Mfenezimhlekububi Mathambo: Tlitlitliii Jukwa is a myth lol,today they catch him,tomorow he comes back more fire lollest ayishe leyo mpahla BJ

Mahachi Mahachi: Yah yah yah ndakambovaudza vakaita nharo vaudze dhara ndichazouya ndovaudza again and again vanenjere dzakazara matoto vanhu ava asijikiiiii qwaaaaaaaaa.

Obie Sigauke: JONATHAN MOYO ndiye baba jukwa zviri pachena izvi seiko mapurisa vachipomera vanhu vasina mhosva vasiya MOYO NAGONO.

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