Chinese swimmers use RUBBER RINGS to claim space on packed beaches as temperatures soar

The sales of rubber rings have gone through the roof as people search for space to cool off in temperatures of 40 degrees.

When the mercury starts to rise, securing a spot at the beach or pool can be a tricky business.

But Chinese sun worshippers have come up with their own solution for such seaside turf wars by using rubber rings to stake out their territory – sending the sales of the inflatables sky high in the process.

With temperatures soaring past 40 degrees in China this week, the country’s public pools and bathing beaches have been tightly packed with people looking to cool off.

But the crushing crowds mean even experienced swimmers have ended up buying inflatable rings, because they guarantee at least a small amount of space by the water. Kuan-Yin Wei, 43, manages a pool in Taiyuan – the largest city of northern China’s Shanxi province.

He said: “As soon as the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow heat warning we knew we were in for a busy day, and sure enough within an hour hundreds of people were turning up to use our pool.”

But even for those that do find themselves a ring and a spot where they can jump into the water, there is still little opportunity to actually do any swimming – something which is attracting a lot of wry comments on Chinese social media sites.

Posts include a snap of a a sign that warns “no diving” – next to a pool that looks so crowded just stepping in would be impossible.

There have also been reports about the amount of bacteria in the pools either from people’s bodies or from antisocial swimmers choosing to relieve themselves in the water.

One man who died after going swimming was found to have contracted an illness as a result of visiting a pool in Beijing.

Tests on the water found that it was contaminated by urine and faecal matter, from what experts estimated had been around 47,000 swimmers.

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