Do you think the main reason for youths refusing to join the army is economic or the ghost of Gukurahundi?

Discrimination at the top is the biggest cause.some people work tribal dscrmntn - Stanelas Dube


my nephew passed the 21km race and has all the qualities and qualification of making it in army, only 10 where choosen from the Khezi group and guess what a truck full of about 200 Zanu youths came and they took their places. they where then told to go back home bazobafonela till today from last year khonale. what do you call that? – Mandlag Mbho

They are cowards.Joining army is very good,to defend our beloved country. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

I was very blessed to have a technical job . why bcz I really gets broke for I don't wait for pay slip to open the wallet – Daniel Chinoona

They are moving to SA – Phiri James Gordon

It may be a combination of factors- people are also worried about the future-lots of rumours simmering about trouble ahead. – @ConorMWalsh

There is no sense of pride anymore for the youth to join our military ,its sad – @whisperganya1

attrocities is not the main point .academic qualifications is the hindering a spade a spade.can the attrocities these born frees hear affect them to an extent of wanting to remain jobless.Lack of academic qualifications is the issue. – Shailet Munyoro

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