Drunken monster

Dear Aunty Lisa

My father is a great family man, he is principled and he loves us. But he turns into a monster each time he is drunk. He abuses my mother verbally; of course my mother seems used to it and always finds a way of dealing with it without showing us she is hurt by it. She may not be hurt but it hurts me a lot. I don’t like it at all. I am 19 years old and do you think my father will like it if I tell him to stop it? – Tatenda

Dear Tatenda

I think you are old enough to talk to your father yes and I believe you have the heart to knock some sense into his head. He sounds like a really good father who just does not do well under the influence of alcohol. There are very few people who are not made into monsters by drink.

Go ahead and talk to him, but not when he is drunk. Find some nice time with him for a man-to-man talk. Let him know that you have matured over the years and that you are no longer the little boy he saw in you. Let him know you appreciate him as a caring father and show him his good side before showing him the bad. Get him to know that the things he says to your mother affect you a lot and you would appreciate it if he would stop. If he cannot control himself, suggest that he stops drinking beer. You are a very nice young man – keep being protective of your family. – Aunty Lisa

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