I want big boobs

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am so embarrassed around my friends because I have small breasts. They have big boobs and I appear to be the odd one out when we are walking. People are always excited to be associated with them and talk to them about something. I think is different with me.

I feel like I am just embarrassing myself with them, although they have never said anything about the way I look. People are starting to call the four of us the sexy angels – but I feel that is not true of me. Sometimes I feel like doing something about the way I look but I am scared it may have some side effects. Please help with an explanation on how body enhancement pills work? – Teen Queen

Dear Teen Queen

I am sorry to disappoint you my dear, but I am not in a position to tell you how they work – one reason being that I have no clue and the second one being that I never want to explain to you even if I find out. What you only need to know is that they can have some serious side effects and you need to stay away from them.

You do not have to change the way you look because of some people. How did you know that your breasts are small? There is not any time that God has given a standard size of any part of the human’s body. He created each one of us the way we are, everyone in his or her special way. I want you to appreciate the way God made you and know that you don’t have to seek anyone’s approval that you are beautiful. Beauty is something that comes from deep down inside our hearts and it is something you feel and show. Feel your beauty and show it. It is unfortunate to those, including you, who will not see it.

Do not follow what you see in the media, with models made to diet or women going through surgery to enhance parts of their bodies. You need to be who you are and stay comfortable in your body. Body enhancement of any nature will always make you feel like you are hiding behind a mask. It is something you don’t want to do. – Aunty Lisa

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