Investigate Zinara tenders

EDITOR - The period being taken by some contractors to carry out maintenance work on Zimbabwe’s roads raises our eyebrows as tax payers and motorists - who have of late been exposed to degrading treatment by the national road authorities.

A good example is the period that is being taken by one of the Zinara contractors at Tynwald flyover where its taking long to put barricades at the bridge.

If anyone has never seen lazy and incompetent people he or she must go to this flyover – located just before before Kuwadzana in Harare, where a reputable contractor is taking over three months to lay about 100 four foot gum poles.

Surprisingly the head of state and commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe passes through that place almost four times a week. He passes through that road with heavily armed soldiers, police officers and thick-headed spies around him.

I am surprised that they are failing to notice that there is something very wrong with the people contracted to do road maintenance in that area.

There is an urgent need for those responsible for ZINARA contracts to get their act together instead of diverting our attention to unjustified clamping on the roads.

Serious contractors should be engaged when it comes to serious business that involves the people’s money and safety.

The minister of Transport should wake up and start working because he too has been passing through this flyover once every week on his way to Matebeleland. But he never saw it or bothered to calculate the time being consumed by the contractor. – Concerned Tax Payer, Bulawayo

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