MATTERS OF THE HEART: What do you think Priscilla should do about this man?

Considering yr age, I wud advise yu to put school 1st & if possible consider changing the route to & from school coz every man is a potential rapist. - Stephen Mvula

Stephen Mvula
Stephen Mvula

How is your attire and how beautiful are you? lf he has not said a word to you why panick? donot fear for the unknown and be yourself. – Ozias Mthunzi

Sisi zvazvinhu this profile ptre kwakumberi kunge 2018 nhasi muripapi ini magejo ndina Robben hameno ana Naymer vanokunda. – Kudakwashe Gorejena

If u dont hve tyme with him dont mttr bt de issue can bi tricky if u hve got somthng secret hidden bwtn u two. – Tendai Lazy Murima

Just be carefull as you dont know what they can do. – Debbie Koen

Avoid him. – William Chitemerere

So boko haram yapinda papi, is he nigerian? – Numerous Mashv Manduku Chabata

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