New party calls for Zim to defy POSA

Transform Zimbabwe has called on Zimbabweans to defy sections of the Public Order and Security Act and other unconstitutional laws exploited by Zanu (PF) and state security agents to suppress legitimate activities.

Jacob Ngarivhume
Jacob Ngarivhume

Interim party president Jacob Ngarivhume says the party will fight unconstitutional laws on both the legal and political fronts.

“we are preparing legal challenges at the Constitutional Court regarding the continued use of repressive legislation,” said Ngarivhume, who was recently arrested and spent three days in police custody for conducting unsanctioned party meetings in Gweru and Harare.

He attributed the harassment and arrest to Transform Zimbabwe’s popularity, which he said unsettled Zanu (PF) and state security agents. He urged the nation to unite in the fight against undemocratic practices that suppress people’s rights ahead of the 2018 elections.

“There is no way Mugabe or Tsvangirai will win the next elections, as people will have to choose the right candidate from a devil, a womaniser and a man of God,” he said.

“Unlike MDC, we will be strategic and have uncompromised benchmarks for free and fair elections in 2018. We will have enough membership to help neutralise any form of rigging,” said Ngarivhume, attributing the fall of MDC at the 2013 polls to lack of strategy and naive trust in Mugabe and Zanu (PF).

He blamed MDC for failing to take advantage of ‘clear SADC benchmarks for free and fair elections’. To avoid falling into the trap set for MDC by Zanu (PF), Ngarivhume vowed never to naively get into a coalition with any other political party without values.

“We want to restore the values of our struggle, our collective human dignity, the pursuit of equality, socio-economic justice, democracy and economic advancement,” Ngarivhume promised, urging people to shake off self-pity and take matters into their own hands.

“The country needs a new democratic culture of politics, strong and principled leadership, good governance and a strong and competitive economy driven by empowered citizens.

Zanu (PF) denied accusations that it was frustrating Transform Zimbabwe’s efforts to mobilise support and fully establish itself.

“Reports that Zanu (PF) is threatened by the party it does not know of is rubbish and hogwash,” said Rugare Gumbo, Zanu (PF) spokesperson. “If the police are arresting the party leadership for not informing them of meetings , they should simply follow laws of the land governing public gatherings,” he said.

Fact box

1. Transform Zimbabwe Party was born out of an interdenominational convention held in December 2013 under the auspices of Prayer Network Zimbabwe.

2. Its core values are creation of a value based system of leadership anchored on the pillars of integrity, transparency, honest and uprightness and build bridges between generations.

3. It believes that the already established political parties do not have what it takes to transform the country due to lack of political will.

4. Jacob Ngarivhume was born in Bikita and did secondary education in Mutare. He graduated with degrees in statistics and mathematics at the University of Zimbabwe.

5. A born-again Christian, Ngarivhume is founder and chairperson of the Voice for Democracy, a grassroots broad-based civic organisation founded in 2009.

7. He set up Prayer Network Zimbabwe, an interdenominational, cross cultural organisation whose mandate was to pray for the nation.

8. He is also a preacher of the word, motivational speaker and teacher who has given presentations on leadership and transformation at various institutions including Harvard University and several African and international platforms.

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