Stop being his slave

Dear Aunty Lisa

My husband is cheating on me, something he is not even denying. He is behaving like someone who is possessed when I confront him about it. He admits it and even tells me that I don’t have to waste my time trying to seduce him that night because he had a quality time with his concubines.

I am lost for words; I don’t know what to do. He claims that he loves me and doesn’t have any plans to divorce me. The problem I have is that he is the one who works and he earns a lot of money. When he married me he stopped me from working saying he earned enough to take care of the family.

We have two kids and I do not know how to take care of them without him. I am hurt by his infidelity and his attitude towards it. I am really failing to forgive him and let the matter go. Please help me. – Mai Two

Dear Mai Two

I am so sorry about what you are going through. Your husband’s attitude towards his infidelity shows that he does not care a little bit about you. Yes he says he still loves you but his actions speak louder than that. He does not care what you decide, even if it is leaving him.

He tells you so that you make your choice to stay or to leave. If you chose to stay he expects you to accept the fact that he is cheating and even if he would bring the concubines in your matrimonial bed one day he is not expecting you to complain about it. That is what you would have chosen and decided to live with.

You need to make the choice to leave your husband. You can approach the courts to have him pay maintenance for your children and the law may even decided that he should maintain you too. The bottom line is, you know what he is doing is wrong and unfair – but you feel grounded because you are dependent on him.

Stop being his slave. You don’t love him anymore but because he has money you are giving him the power to control and abuse you. You can always start a new life. It may not be easy and you may feel afraid of what you will have to suffer in starting a new life after the lavish lifestyle you may have been used to. But your freedom and respect as a human being is much more important than any material thing in this world. Leave this man – he does not deserve you. – Aunty Lisa

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