Stop the blame game

EDITOR - Why must everyone blame everyone else? Since the days of Rhodesia passing the buck has been such a recycled habit in our country. Others blamed the war and quit. Now they blaming the economic situation and pulling out. Surely the fact that the world has buckled financially is not all Zimbabwe’s fault as well?

A graduate of Yale, Karen Hudes, the economist and lawyer, was fired and lost her job early 2014, for blowing the whistle on Corruption, the real Big C inside the World Bank, that is destroying the world. We were warned that it would affect everyone but No! Everyone who is affected in Zimbabwe blames everyone but the World Bank.

Ever since the dam wall was built on the backs of the Batonga and Bemba fishermen of the Zambezi River, pushing wheelbarrows in 40 degrees heat for a mere pittance, driving up to Kariba has always been part of the Great North Road Adventure.

In 300 years’ time perhaps it won’t be there, so until then embrace the warmth as you drive down from the Escarpment to sleep in clean sheets in a thatched lodge, listening to hippos and the cry of the fish eagle, and be grateful you can afford to do so while you are able. Such precious memories make you forget the rumours of the World Bank going bust which we thought would not affect us. – Donette Read Kruger, Uk

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