Tsvangirai fights back

Ahead of the July 2013 elections, Morgan Tsvangirai was constantly mocked by Mugabe and that boy Psychology Maziwisa. Even Grace, a woman who smiled her way to the top – the word ‘smiled’ is obviously a euphemism – had a go at Tsvangirai, calling him all sorts of names. Tsvangirai opted for the sophisticated reaction. He remained silent.

After Zanu (PF) invented its two thirds majority in Parliament, there was a major fallout between Tsvangirai and his former right-hand man, Tendai Biti. Referencing the MDC-T leader’s private life, Biti repeatedly referred to Tsvangirai as ‘Gumbura’ – the name of the rapist pastor.

Agents of the state-controlled media went out of their way to exhume and publicise Tsvangirai’s hospital records, violating the sacrosanct doctor-patient privilege – and these are the same puppets of Mugabe who do their best to try and portray the president as a picture of perfect health, despite the evident eyesight problems and his mobility challenges.

In the past week Morgan Tsvangirai’s team appeared to shift its stance. It was a clever political move that Tsvangirai came clean and apologised for his misadventures.

His PR team will have advised him that coming clean on matters of his private life would both demystify the subject and take the power away from his critics. By speaking about his own flaws, his rivals lose the upper hand.

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