UK – champion of inhumanity

EDITOR - The attempt by Britain to engage the Zimbabwe government to accommodate the repatriation of failed asylum seekers has hit a brick wall. The Zimbabwean government turned down Britain's request. From a humanitarian point of view it could be said the move was ill-informed as failed asylum seekers could be at considerable risk if returned to Zimbabwe. No-one really knows what awaits them back home.


For Britain to appeal to Mugabe for this move could have put both false and failed asylum seekers in great danger. Failed asylum seekers could have been easily targeted on their arrival back home, as their information would have been passed on to the ruling party.

The move by Britain left a lot to be desired regarding Britain's track record on human rights issues. It seems Downing Street is mainly concerned with lowering the number of immigrants at any cost. The country once regarded as a safe haven by many has of late become the champion of inhumanity as many asylum claims have been rejected in order to meet targets set by the Department of Home Affairs.

Since the Zimbabwean government rejected Britain's request last week, does this mean all failed asylum seekers from Zimbabwe are now deemed stateless? – GLEE CHINANA, United Kingdom

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