Verbal diarrhoea

Mugabe, who repeatedly teases Tsvangirai for moaning too much, will be stunned to learn that the so-called ‘cry-baby’ can strike back.

Job Sikhala
Job Sikhala

Job Sikhala, who suffers from the same affliction of verbal diarrhoea that troubles Psychology Maziwisa, made a statement on his party’s intention to fight fire with fire.

“Tsvangirai has been demonised on a daily basis and MDC supporters are guilty of complicity by not hitting back…We must now answer pound for pound, flesh for flesh all the dirt Zanu (PF) tortoises poor on us,” he said.

From an MDC-T perspective it is unfortunate that Tsvangirai has learned – 12 months too late – that in the messy game of politics, turning the other cheek does not always pay.

However, the educated view is that the trading of insults between the two main political parties will not in any way rescue Zimbabwe from total meltdown.

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