Weird Facts

1. Did you know that your brain has no pain receptors or pain fibers and the brain it’s self cannot feel? Although headaches are still not all the way understood, one reason it’s believed you feel headaches is because the skull is surrounded by what’s called meninges or blood vessels which do have pain receptors.

2. Human brains are estimated to be 70% – 75% water.

3. No other animal has a longer pregnancy term than that of the elephant which is documented at an average of 22 months.

4. People who apply sunscreen to themselves generally apply 50%-75% less than the recommended amount according to the Archives of Dermatology.

5. The color of a hen’s earlobes will usually determine the color of the egg shell. Farmers know hens with red or darker colored earlobes are most likely to lay brown eggs and hens with lighter colored or white earlobes will usually lay white eggs.

6. There are 722 miles of subway track in New York city.

7. Hartsdale New York has a pet cemetery with more than 12,000 pets buried.

8. A broken clock is right two times a day

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