Whatsapp Comment: ‘WELCOME TO ZIMBABWE: Where sex is free and love costly. Where losing a mobile phone is more painful than losing virginity….’

How God sees it: Welcome to Zimbabwe! The country of the living God!! Where people pray and see results. Where people emprovise even in toughest circumstances. Where the brightest and most intelligent hail from. Where people thrive in the midst of hardship. Where prayer has quadrappled in the last decade. God is not deaf. He hears. And He has heard Zimbabwes cry. Only in a matter of time shall you see that everything thats happening now had to happen in order for God’s will to be manifeste

 Rose Mudiwa
Rose Mudiwa

Where gvt officials loot with impunity in the name of black empowerment. Where ZANU is the police & the judiciary . Where ZANU kills their own members. – Joel Mutasa

Lier lier the auther has overstayed in exile he knows only bad things which he probably is reading on nws papers and internet. Zimbabwe might be down ecconomically bt Morally Zim is still best in Africa if not the whole world dnt list thing you do and say thats the definition f our country there a lot of good things and good pple . Viva Zim. – Dickens Magwaza l

So true Rose Mudiwa, besides most of the things listed are happening in post modern society globally not just in Zim. – Tendai van der Mus

A place tu be..home z home nomatter what. – Molly Mazenge

Dis is insult to our country. – Promise Proe Dee Ngobeni

Shame! l love Zimbabwe my country and my home. – Sheillah Maundura Rusere

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