Whatsapp comment: 'ZIMRA must descend heavily by means of private investigations on Chinese nationals… '

we don't have watch those foreign inversters weighing Zimbabwe down therefore if ever anyone sees such a thing he/she must report immidietly before it grows wild.Zimbabwe is a mother to us all Zimbabeans, whoever hates his/her mother is a fool so lats fight for her. - Meluleki Akim Nzuza

These zhing zhongs are too protected my dear just ignore and pause for your hard earned peanuts to be heavily pounced on as PAYE bt someone geting away with potential revenue…any way i understandas yu – Enock Musarurwa

the chinese do this in the retail sector but even more in the mining sector where they are largely behind the billion dollar a month leakage for gold alone. stop these people. – Sean Amers

who is going 2investigate these insensitive cunning ppl frm the east when they're remitting mny meant 4taxes 2zpf thugs 4protection! – Jacob Mabvunure

there are a lot of these crooks, unfortunately people who are in the know keep quiet in order to protect their jobs. regulatory authorities are full of lazy people getting fat pay cheques. – Prosper Ncube

And also the Nigerians to name a few ned to be investigated – Jabulani Matutu

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