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ZIMRA must descend heavily by means of private investigations on Chinese nationals. The Chinese take advantage of the golden glove from the president who allows them to do business without while remitting close to zero value added tax. I am revealing the tip of an iceberg since I have experience after working for the Chinese at the Gulf Complex in Harare as manager for stock, cash and workers. We would rake in between 89 000 and 120 000 every month but at month end we would change figures in the

The Zimbabwean paper and Daily News thumps up. You are among the best papers in the world. We salute you. Mapepa enyu akuseri. Ndiko kuti pepa nhau – Chihota Mtape, Zimbabwe

The South African government through its Home Affairs minister are trying to take withdraw all work permits issued Zimbabweans in 2010-2011. Laws of the land says if a foreigner is issued with the permits for more than five years he automatically becomes a permanent resident. The authorities knew this from the beginning of the permit programme and are now desperately trying to change the law that is why they no longer want to renew the permits. Dialogue Between Zimbabwe Minister of Home Affairs, Kembo Mohadi and his South Africa counterpart should result in Zimbabweans renewing their passports from the host country not the other way round. The Zimbabwe government has been supportive of its SA based nationals since 2010. On the other hand South Africa business people and Banks would want Zimbabweans to stay since their economy developed mainly because of foreigners. Misinformed South Africans in positions of influence are of the mistaken view that should Zimbabweans get deported, there would be more job opportunities for locals. Saka ngatibataneyi tirwise huwori uhu. Vasina ma permits muchapuhwa kana vatanga kurenewer kunewanawo kare. Vasina mapassport muchapuhwa mukana weku apuraya mozonyoresa ma permits. Saka iyi ihondo yedu tese wane ma permits, passport, asylums newasina. Lets come together and fight for our rights – Betrayed, South Africa

Lilale kuhle baba aMthwakazi amaphuphupho alamuhla lengacazelo. Ungaphupha usakha uyaphumelela. Ungaphupha inyoka ulamadlozi, ungaphupha usiya eZimbabwe ludubo, ungaphupha indawangu ngumnyama, ungaphupha uSathane uzabona uMugabe, ungaphupha ubona isiphofu ngakini ukhona usekhombe ishonaloba osekhonjwe lishona – Sthombe sika Mzilikazi in exile

We need another 40 years to reap the fruits of Zim Asset. How old will be Mugabe? – Worried Zimbo, Zimbabwe

Bhora pamughodhi bvaru, bvaru for ever – Mafunganye, Soweto, South Africa

South Africa Minister of Home Affairs, Melusi Gigaba, is negating Madiba’s legacy. His new immigration laws are good but gonna tarnish the image of South Africa, since this would strain ties with other countries – Bored in South Africa.

It is true that the African Union has chosen not to interfere with accountability and human rights abuses in member states. That alone is further proof of the organisation’s bias and moral truancy. To stamp its ‘authority’, no one seems to care about what is happening in Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Mugabe now heads SADC? – Mike Dhliwayo, Rustenburg, South Africa

In Glen Norah there are people who installed pre-paid electricity meters in the past. They are now visiting people cut off electricity by ZESA demanding hundreds of dollars claiming that they would facilitate the cancellation of debts at high offices. These people are making a lot of money out of poor households. We are told that these fraudsters are no longer in employment since ZESA has since terminated sub-contracts to the company due to economic constraints and lack of the meters. Surprisingly, these guys have some new meters with them – SD, Glen Norah, Zimbabwe

Kuhambanjani laphana. Mina ngicabanga ngezidlela zakithi mfowethu zizolungiswanini lamapholisa adla imali zethu – Musa Ncube, South Africa

The Zimbabwean please assist me. I am looking for a lady called, Ashley Mutukura, who stays in Chinhoyi Street Gwayagwaya. Any one with information please contact Joseph, 0027842203955

Aaaa BB got this satanizm, so labathu abahlala khona bale this spirit yokutshapa – NG, South Africa

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