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Zimbabwe my country. The Zimbabwean my love. Zimbabwe my beloved country please rise and shine-Shawn, South Africa.

Please The Zimbabwean help ask the police why it did not recruit some aspiring recruits who passed interviews at Mutare Police Camp 2013. I am aged 22, finished school 2012 and passed O Levels with six subjects including Maths and English. Some who passed O Levels with weaker passes have since started training at Tomlison Depot. Is it that the selection process is still partisan and corrupted? –Disappointed aspiring police officer.

There is need to revisit and change laws that govern the parliament of Zimbabwe. Firstly we have seen that the longer one stays in public office the more corrupt he becomes. I suggest that we also have term limits for members of parliament and those in cabinet. A maximum two five year term would be appropriate. People should hand over power to new blood after not more than 10 years in office. Surely how can someone be an MP and Cabinet Minister for 34 consecutive years? Its horrendous and is the reason why the country’s economy is down and bleeding. This is the right time for a big change-Ebenezer, Joburg, South Africa.

The MDC-T Youth Assembly is seriously disturbed with the unbelievable acts of arson that were perpetrated by known Zanu (PF) culprits who are still roaming scot free. Reports received are that Zanu (PF) thugs under the command and sponsorship of Robert Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) instructed one staunch supporter identified as Simon Makaza to lead the arson attacked on Tsvangirai’s supporters by burning down their houses. As a result 35 houses were burnt down at Banana Groove Farm in Ruwa.

This demonic act by Robert Mugabe left innocent families including children and the elderly exposed to the current harsh weather conditions. Efforts by the victims to make a police report at Ruwa Police Station were fruitless as the officer in charge at the station, a war veteran dismissed the issue as political. Word doing rounds is that suspected MDC supporters at the adjacent farm, Danstun, would be the next target. Any failure by police to carry their mandate and arrest the culprits might force citizens to take the law into their hands and effect a citizen arrest against the perpetrators. -Clifford Hlatywayo, MDC-T Youth National Assembly spokesperson.

The Zimbabwean please connect me to Erikah Badu the RandB singer who caused a sensation on stage by stripping naked. This was a 2010 episode I suppose. My contact 0783593366

All I need is locating where the Ministry of Labour is. The Chinese are violating innocent people’s rights day in day out with impunity. Where is the national leadership? The Chinese did not come to Zimbabwe to create employment but self enrichment and siphoning the country’s natural resources out. The Chinese’s numbers in Zimbabwe continue to swell-Worried citizen, Zimbabwe.

No fixed dates and gurantee that civil servants would get paid. Mmmmmm zvakaoma unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbo famba seyi. This is not a country of slavery-Enslaved government worker, Harare, Zimbabwe

Our unforgettable heroes, Charles Muzengeli, Enoch Dumbutshena, Charton Cezani Ngqebetsha, Rev Thompson Douglas Samkange, Dr Stanlake John William Samkange, Lazarus Nkala, Silvester Tawonezvi Bgoni, Micheal Andrew Mawema, Jairos Jiri, Mark Nziramasanga, James Chikerema, Dunduza Chisiza, Josiah Terry Maluleka, Stanley Garikayi Parirewa, Mjobiseni Rolek Bango, Amon Jirira-Edmond Chihota, Zimbabwe


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