Would you vote for Mujuru to lead Zimbabwe?

Yes! It’s time to try a new horizon, new day. Isn’t it the ZANU mantra? - Greg Morey

Greg Morey
Greg Morey

You won’t need to vote. It will all be decided for you. – Alan Morrison

Seriously? That question reads the same as “would you vote ZPF”. Why even ask? – Webster Madanhi

No I won’t for anyone to do with Zanu. – Kurauwone Chinyama

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes – Kusasa Dzovani

No, me not stupid. – Israel Chiwawa

Anyone who is going to torture, harrass, threatens, kill, force, insults wil not get even 10 votes. Power to the people, all politicians must do go to the public if they want our votes in 2018 cos all both good and bad u are doing is in our eyes so their work is their results. – Bilion Days Shaduzar

A big fat NO. – Jonathan Matewu

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