As 50 African heads of state converged on Washington for the United States-Africa Leaders Summit, President Robert Mugabe called a celebration, inviting members of his inner circle to State House to celebrate a victory that everybody knows to have been st

Sour grapes. He would have gone if he had been invited. The poor dear, ever hungry for the limelight like a moth. - Samir R. Mtamba

Samir R. Mtamba
Samir R. Mtamba

Nhamo yemumwe hairambirwe sadza mudhara. – Phiri James Gordon

What about Chineese???? Are they africans??? – Noah Gomo

Cde Mugabe also rejected the whites, havana kana nebasa hamusi vana Mwari varungu imi, munhu anofanirwa kunamatwa ndiMwari kwete zvenyu izvo. – Obert Gweru

Back 18th Century. – Kusasa Dzovani

Ko Nikuv ndeye muAfrica here? varungu havasi varungu kana dzirishamwari dzake kkkkkkk. – Mathews Zhomwa

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