Begging spree

Mugabe then shocked the nation by producing, from his own reserves, 1,000 tonnes of maize, 30 head of cattle and copious amounts of milk to avert hunger at the congress. In recent months, food supplies have dwindled at Chingwizi camp. When the floods struck, the broke Zanu (PF) government went on a begging spree, requesting food, medicine, clothes and tents from the business and international community.

When Mugabe nonchalantly offered maize and 30 of his fattest cattle to Zanu (PF) youths, the nation was left wondering why the president had been sitting on such a stash of food when Chingwizi’s female residents were offering themselves to male custodians of the food supplies. Could it be that the people of Chingwizi do not matter because it is not an election year? Or perhaps it is because he needed the support of the youth in his plot to launch the political careers of Grace?

Since declaring the Tokwe-Mukosi flood a national disaster, Mugabe has not even glanced in the direction of Masvingo, let alone visited the area. And what was he saving up all that maize for – a nuclear holocaust? Meanwhile, as the president squirrels away 1000tonnes of grain, villagers in Matebeleland are still living on monthly rations from the World Food Program.

And then President Mugabe has the gumption to declare Zanu (PF) a ‘party for the people by the people.’ His statement begs the question, which people? Certainly not those of Chingwizi and definitely not the people waiting for WFP lorries in Matebeleland, amid Joseph Made’s claims of a ‘bumper harvest.’

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