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Woman called 999 over lonely goose

A woman called 999 to ask police to rescue a goose because it had 'lost its friends' and looked 'hungry' in Manchester.

The caller dialled the emergency number to tell officers she had spotted the lonely bird wandering around Blackley Cemetery, reports the Manchester Evening News.

She said she feared the goose was in danger as it didn't have any companions and looked like it needed feeding.

The woman didn't leave her name but was told the goose's welfare was not a police matter and the call was not an appropriate use of the 999 number.

She was also advised to call the RSPCA if she believed the bird was injured. A GMP North Manchester division spokesman said such calls were a drain on police resources.

"Hoax calls are a misuse of the system and put the people who are in need of urgent assistance from the emergency services at risk," he said.

Cow stuck climbing over barrier

A stranded cow was rescued after getting stuck climbing over a crash barrier.

Motorists driving on the road were warned by signs that cattle might be crossing but didn't expect to see one caught halfway over.

Jason Weigner nearly drove past the stricken cow near Chochis in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, but became its saviour as he and his wife Jenna pulled over to help rescue the calf.

Weigner, 31, said: "It seemed pretty resigned to the fact it was stuck and it probably was on for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

"It did not seem scared until I went over to help it as up to that point, it was pretty calm.

"When I went over to help it, it suddenly acted scared and tried to get off.

"It flailed around a bit before realising forward was not its only option and tried backing off the rail.

"Once it did that it was able to get free and tumbled down the hill behind the rail, before picking itself up and joining the rest of the herd.

Canadian constructs canine caravans

A Canadian designer has created a range of caravans designed just for pets.

Judson Beaumont says the inspiration for the Pet Camper came to him when his daughter asked him to build a doghouse for her puppy several years ago.

The trendy trailers were originally created with small dogs in mind, but he says they are perfect for any kind of small animal.

They are created by Mr Beaumont and his team of craftsmen at Vancouver-based Straight Line Design.

"We work with our clients to give them something unique that they and their furry friends will love," said Mr Beaumont.

"Everything from the materials used, the size, style, colour, and even the personalized license plates can be customised."

Prices start at $800 (£435) and go up depending on size, style, and material and the petite pet campers can be shipped anywhere around the world.

Missed TV shows provoke prison riot

A riot broke out inside New York's Rikers Island after prisoners were sent to bed early and missed their favourite TV shows.

More than 60 prisoners inside the notorious jail refused to comply with the newly introduced 9pm curfew.

They reportedly refused to return to their cells for around two hours before guards used pepper spray to gain control of the situation.

The criminals are usually allowed to stay up until 11pm watching shows such as Criminal Minds and ABC's Mistresses in the prison's common room.

"They went nuts because they are being locked up at 9 pm and missing all their favourite TV shows," a source told the New York Post.

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