Cash transfers way forward for changing Zimpost

Zimpost’s mail and parcel business is contributing a mere 27 per cent to its total revenue – down from 80 percent – as the postal services company battles to keep up with modern ways of doing business.

Zimpost head of retail Neil Moyo said traditional mail and parcel delivery had dwindled as people found other ways of communicating.

Moyo said Zimpost had intensified its distribution and delivery process to compete with emerging competitors.

Zimpost has 227 outlets and 98 automated outlets, which are expected to go up to 154 by the end of the year. They visit over 700,000 delivery points daily and handle over 500m transactions a year.

Moyo said the company now relied heavily on agency work, selling airtime and collecting revenue on behalf of Zinara, CVR and other government agencies.”

Moyo added that owing to the decline of its traditional business, they had moved into e-business. The postal company launched a money transfer facility called Zipcash in November last year.

Zimpost used Tanzania as a testing route since there was less traffic between the two countries. Only $10,000 commission has been generated since its launch.

Moyo said they expected to expand the facility to South Africa and other European countries where there was a high population of Zimbabweans.

Statistics indicate that there are more than three million Zimbabweans in South Africa and Botswana and 500,000 in Australia and England.

Nationals abroad send home around $1.8bn via money transfer.

Moyo said they were hoping for five per cent of the total money transfers via Zipcash, and that plans were underway to expand Zipcash into a debit card, as an alternative to Visa and Mastercard.

“We are working on improving it so that it can be an online solution, that’s the direction that we are taking,” he said.

He indicated that Zimpost had set up two mobile and four communications centres, and that the number would rise significantly.

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