Decision time

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have been offered a scholarship to take up a diploma certificate in sociology. It has always been my passion to be a social worker. Currently I am in the second year of a degree certificate in Entrepreneurship. I am 32-years old and I am caught in between what to do.

I have accepted the invite for the diploma but it would mean I would have to drop or defer my current studies. Some are thinking that is crazy but the issue here is that this is my passion and I am afraid that opportunity will never come. Please help me with your thoughts. – Prisca

Dear Prisca

My dear you need to be decided and choose what you want wisely without wasting time and losing both in the end. You are halfway through your degree studies. I think it will benefit you a lot if you finish the degree and pursue the sociology studies later, you may even do it at Masters level.

In life you don’t want to move backwards, progress going forward and you are in the right direction. Of course you talk of passion and opportunities, a lot more will always come. Successful businessman and motivational speaker, Strive Masiyiwa, once said that a lot of people lose direction of their life because they want to grab an opportunity they come across saying there won’t be any other like that.

He talks more and more of opportunities that are set to come like water through the floodgates of Kariba dam. You do not want to spend your life trying to grab everything that comes, stay focused on what you want and be assertive in trying to achieve it. – Aunty Lisa

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