Do think Robert #Mugabe deserves to be buried at #HeroesAcre?

Do or Die he wil - Raphael Makuni Chimbeu

I wntd 2 comment thn I realised nothing I syd wld mk a diff. so ummm! – Phuti Nothando

Phuti Nothando
Phuti Nothando

No coz akabata mazimbabwean hostage – Creasy Munaki

i wil make sure he gets buried in malawi – Emmanuel Musindo

No he don't deserve – Creasy Munaki

No. Mugabe is not a hero, he is a villain, pathetic lunatic who destroyed our grt country single-handedly. – Joel Mutasa

Yes its no more heroes acre its nw #devilsacre – Godfrey Tawanda Kusokora

yes for his services be4 1984 – @RueMuchie

damn right he does! – @elisahdadon

He will be Buried there sometime soon, though I think it should b opened for local heroes nominated by public – @QueenNosipho

I was reflecting on who is a hero the other day and l thought of the "chimbidos" who cooked and feed the soldiers. – @QueenNosipho

He must do something like resigning then he can be a Heroe – Phillip Zinhu

I often would if the families that lost their sons&daughters ever got any "war vet" money or compensation? – @QueenNosipho

After thought yes he does. He is a hero of liberation despite being seen as villain of democracy & human rights now – @RebuildZimbabwe

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