Do you think Grace Mugabe will make a good politician?

She will be creating space for Gideon Gono or for Chatunga to takeover,wn the old man retires,thus blocking munangagwa n mujuru to presidentiship. - Danweath Gwanya

The reason why the country has been sinking downunder is because the actor behind the camera has been brought to the fore.Why all the noise when Grace failed to go to Europe. Who did not see the scale of violence perpatrated by non other than?in Shamva the other time. I am happy we are on line in the gender pursuit.I cant believe Opah in an attempt to elavate herself is behind all this. Where to next? Men of Zimbabwe arise! We can do better. The country is heading for disintergration beyond saturation. Where are you all heroines and heroes dead or living. Stand and be counted. – Moyo Bhowasi

Grace and Mugabe are now underating the people to the highest level they are now thinking this country is their home – Kurauwone Chinyama

Hell No !!! – Faith Chimuka

No, Grace Mugabe is ruthless, she can not be trusted wth any leadership post. – Joel Mutasa

you may call me mad (I may too) but Grace might be better than some of the alternatives around… the pool of available talent is not large or deep – and there are crocodiles – @ConorMWalsh

you don't know her personally and I doubt you want to know her when you can't remove her. – @nematombo

My list of likely candidates is short-Ngwena, Joice, Sydney, Constantine & Grace. PS I don't like my list – @ConorMWalsh

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