Do you think Teen Queen should be encouraged to have cosmetic surgery or breast implants?

I think you’re trying to tell us that men are lusting after you because what l see here as you explained your looks, is an attractive girl. - Mehleli Ndlovu

Mehleli Ndlovu
Mehleli Ndlovu

What makes a woman sexy is not just looks but to a large extent confidence some like them small so just be you. – Anslem Ngwarati

God created u as unique as you are. Thank him 4 what u are. Be proud to be different. Do not redesign yourself. Have confidence in your self. – William Chanza

Trust me you are good the way you are. – Charliz Gatsi

Y cosmetc? just be who u are! God realy knows y he created u wth small breasts. be thankful. – Lucxon Kapusa K

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