Do you think the land grab will be reversed once Mugabe is gone?

One man/woman one farm !!!!! Zim is enough for all of us. There was no need for all the madnes from Zanu barbarians!!!!as it is no investor want to touch us coz Zanu thugs think they own Zimbabwe!!! - Nyangazonke N Moyo

Nyangazonke N Moyo
Nyangazonke N Moyo

Actually no,we just need our share as well. Only if a person owns more than one farms then he/she should surrender & remain with only one farm. – Mehleli Ndlovu

So wat s gona happen to the povo shame on u Zanu. – Macie Mawere

No turnig back. – Simbiso Joseph Shoko

YES! – Shephard Shapiroh Sakandya

Definitely they’ll lose those farms and gvt is aware of that…thus why they are not issuing occupiers with title deeds instead they cunninly chose to issue them with permits that do not gurrante ownership. – Gain Sibanda

Get me Adrian de Bourbon, pronto! – Trevor T S Gwaze

To be honest I don’t know. But hondo yeminda has to be revisited if we want food security in Zimbabwe. – @ConorMWalsh

Its a bit late for that. – @jbhisa

Not in a 1000 years! (to quote Cde Ian Douglas Smith) – @Mukoma9

In GPA all parties agreed it was irreversible. Land is ultimate emotive issue in Zimbabwean politics. – @ConorMWalsh

Only politicians got land so its very easy to reverse and they knw that. – @Shumbalove85

With the numbers of people in farms very large, that wld create a humanitarian crisis. Balancing wl be gud. – @CornwellNcube

Very possibly, but it all has to be fair. Alas that means different things to different people ! – @gordythemag

A proper audit, fair redistribution based on need and economic dictate of the country is the answer. – @ActivateZimbabw

LandGrab no longer about redress, but greed & false entitlement. Need strong leader & will to stop. – @RebuildZimbabwe

Agreee. Colonial land dispensation unjust & unsustainable-audit now needed, all farmers needed. – @ConorMWalsh

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