Do you think this shows that the South African government appreciates how tough things are in Zimbabwe?

The government of South Africa have noted that businesses will lose if they send the Zimbabweans home as many people are owing several companies and banks money as they had been allowed to borrow and buy on credit because they were in possession of permits. Sending them back means nobody will pay back the money. - Norman Resado

Pple went on getting drivers licences,credit cards so 2 deny them permits will be another issue – Khabo Ntandoyenkosi Ngxameni

Tus gud nws pple must alwys give eachother hands in life – Macie Mawere

South Africa has an up hand most skilled work force from Zimbabwe I there – Sham Ranga

I actually think this arrangement benefits S.A more than #Zim>S.A gtn qualified labour at zero cost to their treasury – @madzingomn

I think it's appreciating how educated & hard working Zim's are. It's no secret that they're contributing to the economy there – @MandipaM

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