Fabricated war records

If there is any truth to Mutsvanga’s claims, one wonders why it has taken a whole 34 years for the lie – if it is a lie – to be revealed. It is likely that the other Zanu (PF) faction(s) are keen to regain lost ground in the succession race, hence the attack on Mujuru and her cohort.

If the war records of Mutasa and Mujuru have been fabricated, Zimbabweans must certainly ask why Mutsvanga was complicit in upholding such myths since independence. In fact, the same query can be posed to Oppah Muchinguru: if Mujuru indeed is a husband burner, why has Muchinguri saved this juicy morsel until now.

Mujuru’s death was certainly suspicious but, as he was her most important ally, it is unlikely that Joice was responsible. In fact, some might argue that if he were still alive, junior elements in Zanu (PF) might have been less forthright with their opinions. Whatever the truth may be, the succession plot is unravelling into an edge-of-the-seat drama which will only get juicier as December congress approaches.

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