Farm attack victims praise cops

The family of Dave and Mary Anne Passaportis have issued a statement praising the work of the police in investigating the horrific attack on the young faming couple in Trelawney last week. Dave is still in hospital recovering from his serious injuries sustained during a vicious beating by his attackers. The statement says:

We are so uplifted this evening by all the events of today. Firstly, our grateful thanks for all the prayers for Dave and specifically the vomiting. They were answered powerfully and Dave has not vomited again since last evening's post.

His jaw has still not been wired and we await the maxillo-facial surgeon to give us an update soon.

However, Dave continues to make progress and he's sitting up in bed now and only has the drip. He is eating small amounts of soup and jelly.

He is looking and feeling so much better. Amazing progress for 7 days! He had a long chat with Mary Anne and she was able to tell him of the events of her day:-

The police have made remarkable progress with the investigations in this case and they have tirelessly been working for the last week.

Mary Anne was called to the district police to identify the camera bag that was stolen. There was a positive identification of that. It is her bag.

The use of the cell phone towers and tracking of the suspect through the help of the provider has proved to be of great value in this case as well.

The suspect was tracked right to his house after two full nights of tracking. The investigating officers are exhausted. The farmers in area, Dave and Mary Anne's neighbours have been invaluable and have assisted the police in so many areas.

They have arrested two suspects who were taken back to the scene of the crime. The one has admitted to commiting the crime and walked the police through the house explaining what and how he did everything! Apparently his confession has been videoed by the police.

We can only say that we have been most impressed by the committment and the hard work that they have put into the investigation.

It is a criminal case and this incidence has led to greater investigations which are all proving to be very positive and reassuring.

We will give you further information as we receive confirmation of such but to say that is is all most encouraging.

We're able to state that sadly Dave and Mary Anne have been victims of a most unfortunate situation. Hopefully, this will bring a closure to our worries and speculations.

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