Flu cases up

Cases of influenza, commonly referred to as flu, have risen sharply in the past year, according to the Ministry of Health and Child Care’s report for Week 29.

About 270,000 people have contracted the flu bug so far this year, whereas 181, 549 cases were reported during the same period last year, says the report.

The latest National Health Report indicated that 17, 856 flu cases were reported last week, contrasting with 10, 447 incidences during the same week last year.

Health caregivers in Zimbabwe can only treat symptoms of influenza rather than the bug, according to the director of epidemiology and disease control in the health ministry, Portia Manangazira, who encouraged people to visit health centres for help.

She said the flu bug was so stubborn that a patient could go for more than three weeks under the weather.

The virus attacks the respiratory system and is spread through the air by such acts as coughing, sneezing and talking.

Its symptoms include fever, colds, headaches, sweating, general weakness, dry coughs and aching muscles and is common in winter.

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