From hyper-inflation to deflation – what do you think is going to happen to our #Zimeconomy next?

there is a very wise lady speaking now at Sadc conference in vic falls. she says "50 years ago, at the cross over from colonialism, most african countries were better off than todays so called asian tigers. " what exactly has happened people? could thiss be the tragic failure of leadership mandela spoke about? - Sean Amers

what economy? if you think importing everything you eat, wear, drive… then allowing foreign companies and nationals to engage in the wholesale plunder and expropiation of your natural resources in their raw state is an ECONOMY? – Sean Amers

Slowly sliding bék to 2008 era whñ Zim àlmst collapsed. Tough tymz ahead, lets fasten our belts. – Joel Mutasa

zim 2close shop soon! – Jacob Mabvunure

Jacob Mabvunure
Jacob Mabvunure

I think this time its going to worse, massive job loses, dis-investment, de-industrialization. – @lykmoor

it just means more people will lose their jobs. But how come house prices r not going down. – @garweh2011

I wonder why ZANU is not panicking. Chinamsa once said our collapsing economy is now a security threat. – @lykmoor

continuing contraction one certainty- and remaining white occupied farms going, that is a high probability. Investors deterred – @ConorMWalsh

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