Hair-brained schemes

It is humorous that there is not one visible follicle on Mutasa’s head, yet Mutsvaga accused the veteran politician of having ‘hair-brained schemes.’ Mutsvanga even had the temerity to barbecue the sacred cow, when he dared question the liberation war credentials of politburo heavyweight Mutasa.

Didymus Mutasa
Didymus Mutasa

“They cluster around Mutasa and his cohorts, leaders who never had anything to do with the critical 1973-80 period of the armed struggle,” he said.

According to Mutsvaga, Mutasa was in exile – in Britain of all of places – during the bush war: “I am tempted to think a James Bond type in Britain must have tipped him off about the imminent demise of the racist white Rhodesia. So ducking the fate of just being another returnee from years of colonial refugee, he went on to cunningly assume the mantle of a great liberator and revolutionary by sliding into the ranks of the triumphant fighters…. truth be told he had completely no role in that epic struggle.”

Mutsvanga had one more sacred cow to violate. He flatly stated that Joice Mujuru never shot down a Rhodesian helicopter, an incident around which her reputation is built.

Didymus Mutasa’s subdued response was to declare his allegiance to Mugabe and to offer a challenge for his doubters to ‘research about my credentials.’

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