Have you been forced to compromise your principles by paying a bribe? Please share your experience with us.

Yes I’ve done it on numerous occassions. Why? Because I cannot afford to pay extortionate fines. Imagine I bought my tv set at $50, and I’m fined $120 for failure to produce a viewer’s licence...does it make sense? Better to offer a coke than breaking myself. - Gain Sibanda

Gain Sibanda
Gain Sibanda

Its our way of doing things in Africa. Dhara Mapfumo went on to say something for something.Nothing for someting. Welcome to Africa my dear Bra. – Kusasa Dzovani

His got to keep on it, dnt wait for long periods, be in their faces all the time. Ive never bribed for a govrnment doc, passport, id, drivers licence. I even refuse to bribe the cops! – Tracey Toffa

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