Is there still a role for #traditionalleaders in Zimbabwe today?

role or no role i blame them, when it comes to politicking they thank gvnmt for recorgnising them that it respects their roles as leaders but when it gets to serious business they are crying saying gvnmnt is not giving them total power as was back in the day so CHIEFs toziva zvipi - Benard Gambe

Emmanuel Musindo
Emmanuel Musindo

ntimi makatitentrana nvo – Macie Mawere

tongai ikoko hatigari kumusha masimba amunoda ndeapi ekuita sa Bobo – Emmanuel Musindo

haaa ma chiefs uko zvaari its beyond yo reach,tinokudai nguva yema elections chete. – Lindah Jenneth Mutunduwe

It is unfortunate that all things now have to do with the diaspora or exiles. Political formations from outside have more say than those within. Most of the people who ran away from economic hardships than political abuse are welloff and are benefiting at the expense of locals It will boil down to who has the finances. For as long as Chombo has his money and powers, chiefs will have no option.As journalists pse educate people on their constitutional rights and freedoms. Do away with biased journalism Mindset liberty first then the rest will follow. – Moyo Bhowasi

ngavatinyararire, during election days ndovanenge vachimhanyisa vanhu nhasi makuti piya piya chii chacho, u're e ones 2 blame. – Tafadzwa Dzapasi

No mò traditional leaders now but only Zanu Bokoharam-PF thugs masquerading as chiefs. – Joel Mutasa

As custodians of culture yes. But as political pawns selling souls to highest bidder no. In current form: No – @gidi_gabriel

Interesting to see resilience of "chiefdom" / kingship in Sn Africa. Coopted now & preIndependence – @ConorMWalsh

Part of me think we should scrap the whole system cause most chiefs are not bipartisan & can make life hell 4 any opposition. But then again, they are at grassroots level and probably know their own people's needs better than the guys in parliament. – @QueenNosipho

Our Traditional leaders have become more political in recent years – @whisperganya1

In a word? NO! – @CatherineMakoni

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