MATTERS OF THE HEART: Do you think Pamela should let her father into her life after all this time?

Pamela u have no business in getting involved in the spat btwn the two. They know what happened u do not. U relying on hearsay not prima facie evidence. Remember for you to be here and be succesful he played a small insignificent but sterling part. He was the one who made your mum pregnant. Now your mum has a daughter and friend coz of him. Wise up, gal. Get to know yo dad. He doesnt want yo money but yo forgiveness. Bye Pam there is daddy, later. - Trevor T S Gwaze

You are taking a standpoint basing on one side of the story ,you were not there when the conflict happened maybe your father is correct and your mother was cheating how do you know? Your father is your father no matter what even Gumbura has kids that call him Dad. Remember the 4th Commandment Exodus 20 – Stuart M Maseure

No matter what happened, u have to forget and forgive your father for more openings in your future. If u don't do that it will remain a curse for the whole of life and your siblings.- Neva Dube

your father will always be your dad even if he eats from the bin however his behavior and attitude is shocking. accepting him does not mean you have to live together now but just try to engage him and see how it goes. tell him that you are going to need more time to have a proper relationship with him but dont cut him off – Morgan Mazorodze Chifamba

An insane man still is a biological parent. Don't join in parents conflicts because you were not there when it happened. Also you story tilts your mother's side because she carried you and nurtured you hence you are biased. – Felix Chakabveyo

Oh yes, he wl always be his father, & ofcoz he wl do anythn in his power to make sure u suffer, u a his blood,& dn believe evrthin tht your mother has fed u, smtyms they lie, do whtever it takes to cover their side, follow yo heart, noone is to force u whether to forgv him or wht, bt take yo tym Pam – Regina Tindo Gwitima

Pamela should seek counselling from Aunt Lisa by engaging both seperated parents. It should be realised that indeed a mistake was made in the upbringing of Pamela and therefore forgiveness should be exercised – Themba Ttk Munkombwe

Yes Pamela should let her father into her life,pple makes mistakes and the only one who can judge her father is GOD – Vivian Chikwat

Vivian Chikwat
Vivian Chikwat

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