MATTERS OF THE HEART: Do you think Mai Junior should just stop taking her birth control pills?

Zvakanzi zvaranai muwande se.......... - Creasy Munaki

Zvara vana vako iye arikuzvara vake kunze uchavaona vouya – Rebecca Musungwa

Creasy Munaki
Creasy Munaki

Put your request to God he is the answer to your problem.and he can reveal you the truth of the matter. – Clemence Chimbunde

choice is yrs. – Liberty Munyukwi

Stop them we need chn pliz-if one is taken u still find comfort in others – Edson Sithole

Carry on with your plan & if he gets angry you can advise to also use any one family planning method used by men eg withdrawal method, condoms & being cut sperm ducts. If he is serious he should be cut the sperm ducts – Alison Nyamusa

Ita vana vako he wil love them – Wendy Makusha

Uuum iwe nyatsotaura naye ukaita zvemusoro wako hameno – Gladys Mhunye

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