MDC slams Zanu (PF) arrogance

The MDC has condemned Zanu (PF)’s continued denial to engage the international community arguing that such behavior was catastrophic for Zimbabwe’s economic and political transformation.


A statement issued by the party expressed dismay over the party’s arrogance regarding the US-Africa summit, where nearly 50 African Heads of State gathered in Washington DC this week for a three-day event that marked the first ever conference by an American President to meet Africa’s leaders.

The MDC said Zanu (PF)’s failure to build bridges with other countries was a barrier to foreign direct investment.

“We bemoan the lack of official representation at the US-Africa summit where over fifty concerned African countries are meeting to collectively explore strategies that will spearhead economic growth in their countries,” read the MDC statement.

“Failure by the Zanu (PF) government to build bridges with other countries will continue to affect foreign direct investment.

“Such behaviour has catastrophic implications for Zimbabwe and we are calling on the party to dump its belligerent approach to continental and International affairs,” read the statement.

According to the statement, lack of official representation at the US-Africa summit was a reflection of the party’s irresponsible behavior.

“Our party unreservedly condemns the careless, arrogant, callous and irresponsible behavior exhibited by Zanu (PF) regarding the summit that could have enhanced the country's re-engagement efforts with the American government,” read the statement.

“The Zanu (PF) government remains a stumbling block to the country's economic and political transformation because of its penchant for rude language and lack of respect for other countries.”

According to the statement, the rapid collapse of Zimbabwe's once productive Industry, loss of jobs and increased poverty was due to the unavailability of investor friendly policies.

“Our desire as a vibrant and progressive political party is to create an economically juicy environment for everybody and we will not support reckless and careless political statements by rude political establishments,” read the statement.

Analysts described Zimbabwe’s exclusion at the US Africa Leaders’ Summit as a missed opportunity whose impact is set to affect the country’s economic and international relations with other countries especially from the west.

President Robert Mugabe and the Sudanese, Eritrean and Central African Republic heads of state were not invited to the conference, which was organised around the theme ‘Investing in the Next Generation’.

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