Mugabe dynasty takes shape

On the morning of Sunday 3 August 2014, Zimbabweans must have thought they had been kidnapped in their sleep before being dumped in North Korea. The Standard carried an article with the heading ‘Youths Push For Robert Mugabe Jnr.’

A week earlier, the country had woken up to the news that Grace Mugabe’s name had been ‘put forward’ for consideration for the position of Women’s League chairperson. There was a stampede by senior Zanu (PF) officials to endorse Grace who reacted with fake modesty – talking about she would have to ‘consult’ before accepting the position.

Leader of the war veterans association, Jabulani Sibanda, did his bit to hype Grace ahead of the Women’s League congress. Sibanda likened Grace – the former mistress, home-wrecker, Mazowe land grabber and ‘don’t take photo’ screamer – to a nun, not just any garden variety nun but Mother Teresa herself. Grace has been 1st lady for 17 years. One wonders why the likes of Sibanda waited until now to pontificate about holy mother.

It seems that Mugabe not only intends to rule until he is embalmed but beyond that he plans to create some sort of chieftaincy, where members of his family take turns to have Zimbabwe as their personal property. When a gold-plated throne was presented to Mugabe on his 90th birthday, it seemed an excessive gesture but now perhaps the intentions are clear.

Mugabe has spoken lately of the founding principles of Nkrumah and other leading African emancipators. What he conveniently fails to see is that he has completely betrayed the core principles of the liberation struggle, which are democracy and fairness. In 1975, if the Zipra and Zanla combatants had told the mothers and sisters who cooked for them that they were fighting to ensure that they could rule forever, they most likely would not have served them even one morsel of sadza.

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