Mujuru’s soft side

Joice Mujuru also had a go at showing her soft side recently. In June she attempted to endear herself to the widows of the 427 coal miners who died in the Hwange disaster of 1972. She even addressed them in their language – Nyanja – for nearly half an hour. Who knew Joice could speak Nyanja?


The two presidential aspirants are not leaving anything to chance. Two weeks ago they went all out making huge donations to the Women’s League, trying to one-up each other. As Mujuru and Mnangagwa tried to upstage one another, in the background members of the Zanu (PF) women’s league were being kidnapped ahead of the elective congress. After Mujuru’s reputation took a battering – Oppah’s ‘husband burner jibe’ and Mutsvanga’s fake helicopter shooting allegations – Mnangangwa will be thinking that he should consolidate his position, even if it means putting on an Oscar Award winning act of compassion.

But will Zimbabwe forget about 20,000 lives that were snuffed out without compunction?

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